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About Us

         Company was establihed at the beginning in the of KUTUP TRADE CO. İn

1953 for repairing electical parts of automotive industry.

       Till 1965 we have produced several machines such as welding equipment and

refrigerators for commercial purpopes.

      Company has started in 1965 to produce casting spare parts as firm GAZİANTEP


      GDS has produced spare parts for Massey Ferguson Tractors Factory in 1968. This

production lines are still in running.

     Company has decided to increase capacity and revening of BERK DÖKÜM SANAYİ

A.Ş. at Organized Industrial area in Gaziantep/TURKEY. Company has alredy 1500 open

and 5000 covered squaremeter.

      Company is the first firm in Gaziantep as machining and casting industry. We have

already modern machining production line for grey iron and spherodial casting parts.

     Our main proucts are brake drums, differantial plate, flywheel, gear box, grinders

for wheat and parts, which are produced by CNC machines.